RANK Group has a full-fledged Debt Syndication Team through which it offers a wide range of financial services for its clients. RANK Group has been offering its debt syndication services since 2011 to various clients in infrastructure and non-infrastructure space for their projects and operations. Under Debt Syndication we cover wide range services in Domestic Finance and Trade Finance. Below are the lists of services offered under Debt Syndication:


RANK Group has a rich experience in the Real Estate & Infrastructure space. Our team guides organizations with step-by-step process for raising Finance for Real Estate & Infrastructure Projects.

RANK Group has vast network with financial institutions, venture capitalist, angel funds and other private HNI’s, who funds wide range of companies from start-ups to large cap organizations. RANK Group becomes a mediator between companies and fund houses.

We assist small & large organization to avail Term Loan / Corporate Loan from financial institutions. The loan requires collateral and a rigorous approval process to reduce the risk of repayment.

A subsidiary is a company that is controlled by another 'parent' company. RANK Group has large domestic and international network, thereby enabling organizations to raise funds for their overseas subsidiaries.

RANK Group can help companies raise working capital loan by which organizations can finance their everyday operations. To know more contact with our financial expert.

RANK Group’s Structured and Mezzanine Finance division specialises in providing tailored project and/or investment finance solutions for property transactions.

RANK Group helps in reorganizing company’s outstanding obligations. This allows the company to increase its ability to meet the obligations. Also, some of the debt may be forgiven by creditors in exchange for an equity position in the company.


Factoring is similar to traditional asset-based lending, but with the detailed ledgering of receivables owned and payable to Sterling. Forfaiting is the purchase of an exporter's receivables – the amount that the importer owes the exporter – at a discount by paying cash. We assist domestic and international clients with Factoring and Forfaiting services.

The Credit & Surety team of RANK Group has knowledgeable individuals with many years’ experience in structuring and placing polices for SME businesses through to Global Corporations as well as Banks and Financial Institutions, across a wide range of sectors and markets.

Pre-export Finance Facility is designed to provide financing to suppliers/exporters in advance necessary to produce manufactured goods, commodities and agricultural products for export and also extend deferred payment terms to their buyers, if needed.

An Advance Payment Guarantee is issued to secure the release of advance payment (mobilisation) received on a contract. It is intended to bind the supplier (the bank’s customer) to use the advance payment for the purpose stated in the contract between the customer and the Principal.

With recourse and without recourse are two terms defining whether or not the paying letter of credit bank shall claim refund from the beneficiary in case it could not get reimbursement from the issuing bank.

Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) provide support to exporters in the form of officially supported export credits to help mitigate the commercial and/or political risks of non payment by an overseas buyer.

ECB is a broad term and includes all foreign currency borrowings that are due and is repayable in the currency in which it was borrowed.

FCTL is the replacement for Term Loan in INR and Term Loan in Foreign Currency for tenure of 1 Year to 5 Years. Funds Availability, Pricing and Tenor of FCTL are purely the function of FCNR Deposits with the bank.

FCCB on the other hand is a bond and usually for a long tenor. When corporates see an opportunity to buy back bonds issued by them at a discount to the face value and also the book value recorded by the corporate it engages in a treasury operation of buying back its own bond.

Using a Standby LC in business transactions is an indication of good faith and proof of financial credibility and repayment capabilities of a buyer.

After working closely with various financial service institutions which issues bank guarantee and standby letter of credit (BG/SBLC), we recommend whether importer require BG or SBLC for commodity trading.